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No credit? Low credit? No SSN? No problem! DISH Network provides the best TV entertainment for everyone.

Introducing FLEX TV. You too can enjoy DISH Network and all it has to offer! With FLEX TV, you can subscribe to all of the popular DISH Network packages including local channels, regional sports networks, international programming, and adult programming!

You own the equipment. Turn the service on and off with no contract termination penalty! It's great for RV's, Boats, Trucks and Summer homes. Programming starts at $37.99 a month! Since FLEX TV is similar to pre-paid cellular, there are No Late Fees!

Live in an area where you cannot have a satellite dish antenna?  Consider another GREAT, no contract option:
                                         Sling TV! - Click on the Sling TV tab above for details

No Contract. No Credit Card. No SSN/ITIN Required.

Get NATIONWIDE installation along with a one-room HD receiver for only $75! with eligible programming.

FLEX TV Promotion:


It's Easy like 1-2-3

1. Choose Your Flex TV System
2. Choose Your Programming
3. Place Your Order

How Does FLEX TV Work?

Flex TV is a no-contract, prepaid satellite television service from DISH Network. You own the equipment and you can turn the service on/off without any early termination penalty.

You must be a first time DISH Network subscriber or a former subscriber that left DISH Network in good standing more than 90 days ago.

Choose from the many programming packages available from DISH Network. Change your programming at any time! (Keep in mind however, any additional charges for programming, including Pay-Per-View will have to be paid in advance at the time the service is ordered.)

You can pay your monthly bill by any means: send a check or money order by mail, credit or debit card payment over the phone or online, Western Union Quick Collect, Money Gram, and CheckFreepay.  Credit card auto pay or debit card auto pay is suggested for uninterrupted service.

Note: Even though this is a pre-paid service, DO NOT let your 30 days expire and expect your service will be automatically disconnected! If you plan on turning off service temporarily (a few months) call DISH and place your account on DISH Pause for $5 a month OR you can disconnect your service entirely. There are no reconnect fees for restarting service, only pre-pay for one month of programming and any previous outstanding balance. It's that easy.

NATIONWIDE installation:

If you need professional NATIONWIDE installation, fill out the form below at "FLEX TV with Professional NATIONWIDE Installation". A one-room HD Flex TV system with professional installation is only $200. Subscribe to any qualifying DishLATINO or International package and get an instant $125 discount! Net price: $75!

We will contact you to verify your installation order, set up your account, and schedule your installation date. During this call you must have either a credit card, debit card, prepaid VISA or MasterCard available to pay for your first months programming, sales tax, and any other DISH Network fees in advance (installation).

After you've made this first payment, credit cards and debit cards are no longer required. You can make payments by sending a check in the mail with your bill or pay in cash at the many locations that accept DISH Network remittances.

At this time it is highly suggested you sign up for auto-pay (credit card, debit card, or prepaid card) and paperless billing so you'll never miss a payment!

Payment for your first month of programming and installation is fully refundable if for any reason the Flex TV system is not installed at your home. Most banks will process the refund within 3-4 business days.


If you already have a properly installed and configured dish antenna, all you need to do is choose a Flex TV receiver and the applicable activation fee. Scroll down to "I Don't Want Professional Installation" to make your purchase.

Self-installation is not recommended unless you have the skills and tools to properly install a satellite TV system.

Prior to shipping, we will attempt to reach you by phone to verify your order. Be prepared to give us the address where the receiver will be installed and the level of programming you are interested in. The address is required so that available locals and regional sports networks can be received. We will also verify with you what type of dish antenna is at your location and if it is compatible with your chosen equipment and programming package. We can only provide Flex TV in the United States at this time. Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands residents, please contact a local retailer. Equipment and service is not available outside of this area or for export.

Your account will be created only after the system has been properly installed and verified. If you are unable to complete the installation on your own, call the number on your invoice for technical support or contact a local retailer to complete the installation. Refunds of purchased equipment for self-installation follow our terms of sale which is available at checkout.

Which Programming Packages are Available With FLEX TV?

The following programming packages are available.
Local channels are available at $12 per month.   Channels do change from time to time.
Call to make sure your favorite channel is available.

American Programming:

Click here for American programming packages.

America's Top 120 at $67.99 per month includes HD!
America's Top 120 Plus at $72.99 per month includes HD!
America's Top 200 at $82.99 per month includes HD!
America's Top 250 at $92.99 per month includes HD!
America's "Everything" Pak $117.99 per month includes HD!

Spanish Programming:

Click here for Spanish programming packages.

DishLATINO Clasico at $42.99 per month
DishLATINO Plus at $49.99 per month includes HD!
DishLATINO Dos at $67.99 per month includes HD!
DishLATINO Max at $79.99 per month includes HD!

International Programming:

Choose from over 200 international channels in 29 languages!

Premium Movie Channels:

SHOWTIME - 9 Channels $10
STARZ! - 8 Channels $10


Flex TV with NATIONWIDE Professional Installation:

SAVE $125: Subscribe to Any DishLATINO package or qualifying International package and get a $125 discount on installation! SUBTRACT $125 from the above prices. One-room HD system is now $75! ($200-$125)


Step 2.
Choose Your Programming.

- $37.99
- Not available
- $67.99
- $72.99
- $82.99
- $92.99
- $117.99
Local Channels Add-on - $12.00

Latino Programming:

- Not Available
- $42.99
- $49.99
- $67.99
- $79.99

  International Programming:

Requires International Basic Package $15/mo.
Local channels with International ONLY programming. $10/mo.

Step 3.

Pick Your Extras.

I authorize Freedom Satellite Systems to call me regardless whether I am on a Do-Not-Call list or not.
We will call you to set up your installation

* Required Fields

Flex TV with Self Installation:
If you already have a DISH Network dish antenna installed at your home, RV, or vacation home, and have the skillset to install your own system, select the activation fee and your flex TV receiver from the list below. Once you complete your order, we will contact you to set up your account prior to shipping.
If you already have the appropriate DISH Antenna installed and all you need is a Flex TV receiver, choose ACTIVATION ONLY for $49 (Regularly $69) and choose your satellite receiver below.  This does not apply to AirTV Players. order
Flex TV DISH Network 211k Single-tuner (1-room) HD Receiver (TAILGATER COMPATIBLE) (HD SOLO) $89
Each 211k on an account incurs a monthly $7 receiver fee.
Flex TV DISH Network Wally Single-tuner (1-room) HD Receiver with Remote $89 Free Shipping.
Newest receiver for DISH.  Can only be activated onto accounts with other Wally receivers; cannot be activated onto an account with other types of receivers.

Flex TV DISH Network Hopper Duo HD DVR Receiver with remote. Not for use with mobile antennas or Hybrid LNBs, only compatible with Joey receivers  $149 Free Shipping.  DVR monthly fee applies.


HD Receivers may require an Eastern Arc (1000.2 or 1000.4) or Western Arc (1000.2) dish antenna depending on your location. DISH Network frequently moves channels in and out of packages, call for latest information.   Receivers may be remanufactured and will be noted as such. The type of receiver and dish antenna configuration is determined by DISH and is based on geographical location. Therefore, the type of equipment installed in one location may not be available in another. All receivers come with full factory 12-month warranty by DISH Network.  

**3 Months of SHOWTIME FREE:  A customer who subscribes to qualifying programming (a minimum of DISH Latino Clasico, Flex Pack, or a qualifying International package) plus SHOWTIME  will receive a credit equal to the monthly cost of that package for each of the first 3 months. After 3 months, programming will continue to be billed at then-current price unless customer elects to downgrade. If customer downgrades within 30 days of end of 3-month period there will not be a Change of Service Fee for this downgrade. Offer ends 9/30/2019.

Available programming packages, offers, and prices subject to change without notice. Call for current information. 

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