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America's #1 Streaming Service
No Contracts, No SSN, No Useless Channels,
No Hidden Fees, Easy Online Cancellation!

No satellite dish or professional installation required.


You've been waiting for flexibility!  Well now you have it with Sling TV!  One monthly fee and you can stream TV onto your big-screen television, smartphone, tablet, or computer!  Watch TV where you want and when you want.  Customize your channel line-up with sports packages, kids channels, comedy channels, premium movie channels, and more!  Local channels are FREE when you connect your local off-air antenna to your AirTV Player.  Programming packages start at only $25 per month!  All you need is broadband internet to get started! 


Start with Sling Orange at $25 per month!

or Start with Sling Blue at $25 per month!

or Start with Sling Orange and Blue at $40 per month!Save 20%!



Sling TV, No Professional Installation Required

What do I need?

A prepaid Sling Gift Card, Sling Promo Code, Prepaid VISA / MC / AMEX, Credit Card, OR Debit Card
A valid email address (this will be your Sling TV username)
High-speed internet (broadband internet)

To watch Sling TV on your television:

   An AirTV Player with OTA adapter for local channels (you provide the off-air antenna)  OR
   An AirTV Player if you are not interested in local channel reception.

   Your TV must have an HDMI connection

   High-speed internet with speeds of 25 mbps or greater if you have multiple devices using the internet at home at once.  It will work with 5 mbps if you are only streaming onto a television and no other devices are using the internet in the home.

   Connect to your internet router using wi-fi or with an Ethernet cable (not provided).

To watch Sling TV on your smartphone or tablet while at home or away!:

   Download the Sling TV App from Google Play Store (for Android) or iTunes (for iPhones)

   Connect to the internet by wi-fi or through your mobile data plan.

To watch Sling TV on your computer:

   Go to

Sling TV is only available in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico.

Can I use Sling TV in my apartment, condominium, dorm room, high-rise, home?  Absolutely!  So long as you have high-speed internet, you can enjoy Sling TV.

Can I stream to multiple devices at one time?

The number of devices on which Sling content can be watched at the same time varies based on the Sling service. If you subscribe to:

Sling Latino core services: you can enjoy two streams at a time.

Sling International core services: you can enjoy one stream at a time.
Sling Orange service: you can enjoy one stream at a time. (Any extras you add to your Sling Orange service will be included in your single stream.)
Sling Blue service: you can enjoy up to three streams at a time.  (Any extras you add to your Sling Blue service will be included in your three streams.)
Sling Orange + Sling Blue service: you can enjoy up to four streams at a time.  (Because you are purchasing two separate services in Sling Orange + Sling Blue, you can get the total number of streams included on each separate service—one stream for any channel on the single-stream Sling Orange service and three
streams for channels on the multi-stream Sling Blue service. To get up to four streams, go to the My Account page and make sure that the “show me only Sling Blue versions of channels in both services” box is not checked. Regardless of whether you chose Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or both (Sling Orange + Sling Blue), you will be able to watch HBO® content on up to three devices simultaneously.)

Can I record local channels and have DVR functionality?

Yes, in order to record and watch local over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts you will need the AirTV Player with OTA adapter and an off-air antenna in addition to a compatible storage device like a USB external hard-drive or USB thumb drive.  There are no monthly DVR fees when using your own device to record local channels.

      Compatible devices are:

     SanDisk Ultra 128 GB Thumb Drive
     SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64 GB and 128 GB Thumb Drive
     Western Digital My Passport 1 TB Hard Drive
     Western Digital Easy Store 1 TB Hard Drive
     Seagate Expansion 500 GB Hard Drive

Can I record other channels besides local channels?

Yes!  Cloud DVR functionality is supported on the AirTV Player.  All customers can add Cloud DVR “First Look” for just $5/mo with any Sling TV subscription to access 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage to record their favorite shows, movies games and more. Cloud DVR functionality not available on all channels.

Easy to Install!

1. Connect AirTV Player to your TV using the included HDMI cable
2. Connect to Internet using your own Ethernet cable from your router OR connect to your Wi-Fi network during on-screen set up
3. Connect to power and the light on the front of the AirTV Player will turn on
4. Get the remote ready by pulling the plastic tab to activate the batteries
5. Complet on-screen setup by following the prompts and logging in to Sling TV and Google (you can create an account during setup if you need to)

What other channels are available? 

As an example, the following packages are available as add-on's to Sling Orange... Many other international channels are available as well.  Go to for details!

Extras1 Extra2Extra3Extra4Extra5Extra6Extra7Extra8Extra9Extra10Extra11Extra12

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Interested in Sling but have questions?  Fill out the form below and someone will contact you!

No Sling TV Promo Codes:



Step 2.
Choose Your Programming.

- $25
- $25
- $40
- $75
- $75
- $120
Best of Spanish Add-on - $5
Cloud DVR - $5
Sports Extra Add-on - $5
Comedy Extra Add-on - $5
News Extra Add-on - $5
Lifestyle Extra Add-on - $5
Kids Extra Add-on - $5
Combo Pack: Comedy, Kids, News, Lifestyle Add-ons - $10
Hollywood Extra Add-on - $5
Heartland Extra Add-on - $5
Outside TV Features Add-on - $5
Curiositystream Extra Add-on - $3
DocuDrama Add-on - $5
Here TV Add-on - $8
NBA League Pass Add-on - $29

Spanish and International Programming:


Step 3.

Pick Your Extras.

I authorize Freedom Satellite Systems to call me regardless whether I am on a Do-Not-Call list or not.

* Required Fields

AirTV Player Options:
AirTV Player with Adapter (for local channel tuning).  Requires broadband internet and local off-air antenna for optional local channels.  Includes $25 credit for Sling TV.    $97.99 Free Shipping. order
AirTV Player ONLY. (No adapter).  Requires broadband internet.  Includes $25 credit for Sling TV.  $69 Free Shipping. order
AirTV Player with Adapter (for local channel tuning).  Requires broadband internet and local off-air antenna for optional local channels.  No Sling TV Credit. $79.99 Free Shipping.   order
AirTV Player ONLY. (No adapter).  Requires broadband internet.  No Sling TV Credit.  $54 Free Shipping.
OTA Module

AirTV Adapter ONLY. For use with AirTV Player.  Connect to your off-air antenna to receive local channels.  $39.99 Free Shipping. 

Sling TV $25 Gift Card - Perfect gift for friends and family that have the Sling TV Service.  $25 Free Shipping.  


Certain programs may be unavailable due to programmer restrictions or blackouts. Only available within the United States. State and local taxes apply. All prices, fees, charges, services, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.

Channels Offered in Select Markets

Some local channels including FOX and NBC are only available in select markets. See which local channels are available in your area here.

Additionally, Sling Blue comes with FOX Regional Sports networks in select markets based on your billing zip code.


Cancel on or visit to contact us. Programming fees are charged monthly in advance and no credits or refunds will be issued for partial or prepaid months after cancellation.

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