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Live in an apartment?

You too can join the over 27 million people who subscribe to satellite TV. If your apartment complex is listed below, Freedom Satellite Systems is already there!
 Just click the appropriate complex for available services.

If you live in an apartment complex not listed below, please be advised that we require written approval from building management to install your satellite system. Call your landlord or building manager to check if DISH Network is already available in your building. If it is not available with a master antenna system, you may be able to get a residential (house) account for your apartment. There are certain physical limitations that may impede the installation such as not having a balcony or patio aimed at the proper direction or not receiving permission from the building manager to drill holes into the structure. Give us a call at 216-267-5076 to discuss your options.

DISH Network is available NOW at:

Highland Manor Apartments

Riverside Manor Apartments


If your apartment complex is not listed above, click here for the standard residential option.


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