Hopper Plus


Add Android TV to your Hopper 3 or Hopper with Sling and access streaming apps and shows with just one remote and without having to change the input on your TV.  Universal Voice Search allows you to find your favorite shows and movies on DISH, On-Demand, and other streaming services… at once!

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DISH has done it again!

The Hopper 3 and Hopper with Sling get a new companion to make the Hopper even better!  If you like to stream content from different providers it can be very frustrating having to switch inputs and grab different remotes.  Now, with the Hopper Plus connected to your existing Hopper 3 or Hopper with Sling, you can enjoy all of your DISH TV and favorite streaming content in one place… with one remote… WITHOUT having to change inputs…

● No switching inputs or remotes
● Live TV + popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube
● Live TV + 6,000+ streaming apps like HBO Max, and Discovery+ and games
● Live TV + Recorded + On Demand + Streaming
● Universal Voice Search

Universal Voice Search?  Think of it as Cross-Platform Search.  Say you want to watch Caddyshack.  By speaking into the remote Hopper Plus will look for Caddyshack and list the dates and times it will play on DISH, On-Demand, and on other streaming services!

Hopper Plus will give you access to the Google Play Store where you can download streaming apps.  Want to watch your favorite team but it is only available on a streaming app? Download the app into Hopper Plus and enjoy every home run, touchdown, and win.

Some other specifications:

  • 16GB of storage for Android and user apps
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Improved Google Assistant Integration – View your calendar, check the weather, and even turn off your lights with an out-of-box integration with the Google Assistant
  • New user interface integrated with DISH – The new Home Screen is now the new “Menu” screen. Everything previously accessed by pressing HOME twice on a receiver (prior to Hopper Plus or Joey 4) is now built into the Home Screen.
  • Hopper Plus will only work with the new Joey 4 (wired and wireless).  Hopper Plus will not work with other Joey models.
  • Compatible with 54.x remotes
  • Requires minimum 10 MBPS download internet connection
  • Requires a Google account
  • Height: 0.78″, Width: 6.22″, Depth: 3.8″, Weight: 8 ounces

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